Poured in Place Surfacing

Poured in Place Surfacing

Call us for our poured-in-place, seamless rubber surface for playgrounds. Installed at different thicknesses for varying deck heights, this high-quality safety surface achieves consistent fall protection and performance exceeding CPSC guidelines for ASTM 1292. This Poured in Place Surfacing is virtually maintenance free and is available in a multitude of colors that can be combined and used to create any design imaginable!


Safety, accessibility, and durability are important elements to consider when choosing a playground surfacing system. Statistically, 75%-80% of injuries to children on playgrounds occur when a child falls to an unsafe surface. The surfacing choice is the most important decision you can make concerning the safety of a playground project. So it is vital for a recreational area to be as safe as possible and to meet ADA requirements. A-OK Playgrounds offers many surfacing options that will achieve ultimate safety and accessibility. Also, see our poured in place surfacing, PIP, poured in place, playground groundcover, ground cover for playgrounds, ADA ramp for playgrounds. We also carry Synthetic Turf, Synthetic Grass. Engineered Wood Fiber (EFW), Rubber Mulch, and other Playground Safety Surfacing and Borders.

Poured in Place Surfacing (PIP)

A-OK Playgrounds is a full-service surfacing supplier offering multiple safety surface system options for playgrounds, aquatic areas, walkways, and multi-use recreational areas. So, A-OK Playgrounds has build our reputation on providing top-quality products and after the sale customer service. Also, we proudly stand behind all the poured-in-place surfacing we’ve installed to date!! We use the best materials available along with strategically located, highly experienced crews to achieve consistently exceptional results and satisfied customers. So to sum it up … We are dedicated to providing the highest quality surfacing at the best value in the industry. It is wonderful ground cover for playgrounds.

• Safe • Proven Durability • Seamless, No-Trip • Slip Resistant • ADA Compliant • Permeable • Low Maintenance • Fire Resistant • Endless Design/Color Options • Exceeds CPSC Guidelines • Environmentally Friendly • Consistent Fall Protection

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We sell indoor playground equipment, outdoor playground equipment, custom slides, sport courts, playground safety surfacing, shade structures, projection video games, virtual reality (VR), play houses, backyards swing sets, trampolines, and hunting blinds. Let us help you design and plan your playground adventure.


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