Engineered Wood Fiber

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Questions most frequently asked about Engineered Wood Fiber

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1. What exactly is Engineered Wood Fiber? Since, processed wood, ground to a fibrous consistency, randomly sized not typically over 2” in length, free of hazardous substances and meets ASTM F2075 standard for EWF.

2. Why not just install wood chips? So, the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) has determined that wood chips are not considered an accessible playground surface.

3. Why spend more for Engineered Wood Fiber? Engineered Wood Fiber is manufactured specifically for use in playgrounds using raw materials that are typically free of twig and leaf material.

4. How long does Engineered Wood Fiber last? So, EWF will maintain its cushioning properties for the life of the playground, provided the depth is maintained by occasional top-offs. EWF does not decompose as mulch does.

5. How do I know that Engineered Wood Fiber meets safety standards? EWF has been tested in accordance with ASTM F1292 impact tests, ASTM F2075 for purity and quality, and ASTM F1951 for accessibility. EWF meets or exceeds ASTM Standards and CPSC guidelines. Ask your manufacturer for test results.

Part 2

6. Is Engineered Wood Fiber accessible? EWF meets the specifications of the ASTM F1951 Standard for Accessibility according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), provided there is proper drainage, are installed correctly and appropriately maintained. See # 12.

7. Has burning been a problem? No, burning has not been a problem. Also, flammability test results are available from your supplier upon request.

8. What if broken glass falls on the wood fiber surface? Broken glass and debris typically stay on top of EWF and are easily removed by raking.

9. Is Engineered Wood Fiber treated? Engineered Wood Fiber is not chemically treated and is totally natural.

10. What contains the Engineered Wood Fiber? You can border EWF with playground borders or landscape timbers for an aboveground installation or excavate to have the play area flush with the surrounding land.

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11. Aren’t insects a problem with wood? No. Typically, insects such as termites prefer larger pieces of wood to bore into. After thousands of installations nation wide, Engineered Wood Fiber neither attracts or repels insects.

12. How is EWF maintained? Occasional raking and tamping, as usage dictates is necessary to keep the play area in good condition. Also, according to usage, climate and the condition of the drainage system below, the surface will need to be topped off with fresh EWF periodically. Accessories like wear mats are available for high use areas to help maintain accessibility and limit maintenance. So, see IPEMA’s positional statement for installation recommendations– So, click here: recommendations for EWF.

13. What about splinters? Because, splinters normally occur when contact is made with fixed or rigid wood surfaces. Also, EWF tends to give or move upon contact so splinters are not a problem.

14. What if children eat it? Engineered Wood Fiber is an all-natural wood product and not chemically treated in any way.

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