Virtual Reality

The Omni is the first omni-directional treadmill that lets players walk and run in 360 degrees inside video games and other virtual worlds. In the evolving landscape of business, creating child-friendly environments within commercial spaces is becoming an increasingly important consideration. Also, to cater to families and promote a welcoming area, businesses are turning to innovative solutions. So, see our Virtuix Omni Arena, Virtuix Omni One, Video Games, Virtual Reality, VR, video game virtual reality, virtual reality video game, virtual reality video games, FEC, family entertainment center, indoor playground equipment, indoor play equipment, virtual reality video gaming. Call A-OK Playgrounds today, read our Blogs, and check out our financing available. Finally we also carry  floor projection video game, video game projector, video game projectors.

Here’s how the VR treadmill works

Omni One consists of a circular platform over which players glide in special shoes. Because, the movement of the feet is tracked by sensors and transferred to virtual reality. So, this creates the illusion of physical movement through virtual worlds.

What is a VR arena?

VR ARENA offers unique free-roaming VR escape rooms. So, immerse into the future by walking freely in the arena with your friends in the games that feel like the real world!

Virtual Reality

So these games are attracting new audiences and increasing revenues for the FEC operators. So, get the best platform and don’t be left behind! The games provides the most engaging and entertaining video games at the best price of the market and a truly immersive experience for your clients. Because the virtual platform empowers the operators with an easy to run setup, with no backpacks, no extra equipment to deal with and fast training. Also, games are attracting new audiences and increasing revenues for the FEC operators.

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Virtual Reality, VR, Video Games, Omni Arena, Virtuix

VR, Video Games, Omni Arena, Virtuix

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