Hunting Blind: ShadowMax Pro XXL 8×8 Archery Blind


All the stealth of the ShadowMax Pro Archery Blind plus extra room! The ShadowMax Pro XXL is a huge 8’x8’x8’, giving you lots of space to take your kids or grandkids (so you can pass on the hunting tradition to another generation) or to take a group of buddies.

  • Our WhisperTrack Windows are smooth and quiet. A weighted drawstring allows you to open and close them easily with one hand. The felt-lined tracks keep the windows completely quiet. You can open and close our windows so slowly and so silently that your prey won’t even detect motion or hear a sound.
  • Our Blacked-out + Sound-Dampened Interior features black padding on the floors and ceilings and matte-black painted walls. Upgrade to our double-paned windows for enhanced sound control.
  • Our Stealth-focused Design lets you see everything while staying hidden. We’re giving you maximum control over your scent by eliminating all air vents. Our 8-foot sidewalls let you draw your bow at full height (no awkward crouching). Plus, our octagon (8-sided) design lets you hide in a corner while giving you a perfect view of your prey.

If you’re looking for the biggest, stealthiest archery blind on the market, the Stryker ShadowMax Pro XXL is the blind for you.


We know blinds. And we’ve got decades of innovation to back it up. Whatever your hunt, there’s a product to keep you concealed. All-weather deer hunting blinds designed for your comfort. From all types of tower blinds, we have a hunting blind for you. Our see-through hunting blinds can help to hide hunters for deer, elk, white-tailed deer, or turkey; pop-up blind is easily built-up and also portable. We carry hunting blinds, deer blind, tower blind, gun blind, gun blinds, hunting blind, camouflage blind, bird blinds, tower blinds, deer blinds, turkey blind, pasture blind, bird blind, archery blind, archery blinds.

A gun blind, deer blind, or archery blind is an indispensable tool for hunters. It provides a strategic advantage and enhancing the overall hunting experience. These blinds serve multiple purposes, contributing to the success and safety of the hunt.

Gun Blind

Firstly, a blind conceals the hunter, minimizing the chances of being detected by wary game. Whether using a firearm, crossbow, or compound bow, remaining hidden is crucial to getting within effective range without alerting the targeted wildlife. The blinds’ camouflaged design blends seamlessly into the natural surroundings. It offers a level of concealment that would be challenging to achieve otherwise.

Moreover, blinds provide shelter from the elements, offering protection against rain, wind, or extreme temperatures. This not only ensures the comfort of the hunter. But it also allows for extended periods of patient observation, a key aspect of successful hunting.

Archery Blind

In the context of archery, blinds offer a critical advantage. They provide the cover and proximity necessary for bowhunters to capitalize on the shorter range of their weapons. Additionally, the concealment of movements is vital when drawing a bow. And a well-designed blind facilitates this without alerting the keen senses of game animals.

In essence, whether for gun hunting, deer hunting, or archery, blinds play a pivotal role in creating a successful and enjoyable hunting experience. Their strategic placement and concealment features contribute to the efficiency, safety, and overall satisfaction of hunters. As they engage with the natural environment and pursue their sport. Check out our hunting blind, deer blind, and gun blind.

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