Mini Soccer Pitch – Portable (Mobile Version)

The Mini Soccer Field Portable is a portable mini pitch for sporting events and is based on the successful, tried and tested.

This mobile soccer court features integrated goals and nets which keep the ball in constant play. It takes no time at all to set up and offers a particularly attractive action arena and lots of fun for players of all sizes and ages. It can be erected quickly and easily in any location, e.g. on a market square, in the park or at trade fairs.  Modular construction using boards of different lengths makes it possible to set up playing areas of different sizes, larger or smaller. This flexibility can meet the needs of whichever space you may have available.

When not in use, the smaller board systems can be easily stored or transported on a regular car trailer.

All boards can, of course, be emblazoned with  eye-catching advertisements or sponsors’ logos  on either side.

For the ultimate football experience, the Mini Soccer Field Portable can be combined with our mobile Soccer Turf artificial grass surface.

To make an even greater impression, with increased advertising space and genuine stadium atmosphere, add our Soccer Grandstand seating modules. Popular standard dimensions include 32′ x 49′, 42′ x 65′, 49′ x 98′, and 65′ x 131′ or in Meters 10 x 15, 13 x 20, 15 x 30 and 20 x 40 m.

This is the right system for you if …

  • you are looking for a playing area for street parties or civic events, public viewing and fan zones, promotional activities or incentives, corporate events or kids / youth festivals and so on
  • you want a sports arena which can be erected and dismantled quickly and easily
  • you are looking for an action arena which offers ample space for advertising and sponsorship (on rebound boards, grandstands and playing kit, for example) and is, in itself, a striking attraction
  • you want to provide a top class sports arena at your event


Easy access to soccer fields for kids is essential for fostering physical, mental, and social development. Soccer, a sport loved worldwide, offers a multitude of benefits for children, making accessible fields a key component in their overall well-being.  Check out our mini soccer pitch, mini soccer field, mini soccer pitch construction, mini soccer pitch installation, mini soccer field construction, mini soccer field installation, portable mini soccer pitch, permanent mini soccer pitch, mobile soccer pitch, mobile soccer field, permanent mini soccer pitch. See running track construction, running track resurfacing, sport court construction, basketball court, basketball court construction, basketball court resurfacing, pickleball court construction, backyard basketball, tennis court construction, and sport court resurfacing, sport courts, sportcourts, backyard basketball.  Check out our outdoor playground equipment, commercial playground equipment, and backyard play sets. Call A-OK Playgrounds today, read our Blogs, and check out our financing available.

Mini Soccer

Firstly, soccer promotes physical activity, helping kids maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent sedentary habits. Regular play on a soccer field contributes to improved cardiovascular health, enhanced motor skills, and better coordination. It’s a dynamic way for kids to stay active, build endurance, and develop crucial physical abilities. mini soccer.

Secondly, soccer fosters social skills and teamwork. Playing on a field allows kids to engage with peers, communicate, and collaborate toward common goals. Team sports teach valuable lessons about cooperation, leadership, and sportsmanship. The soccer field becomes a social arena where friendships are forged, and interpersonal skills are honed. portable mini soccer pitch

Mini Pitch

Additionally, easy access to soccer fields nurtures a love for the sport from an early age. It provides a space where children can freely express themselves, experiment with their abilities, and cultivate a passion for soccer that may last a lifetime. Accessible fields democratize the opportunity for all kids, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, to engage in a sport that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers. mini soccer field construction, mini soccer field installation

In conclusion, having easy access to soccer fields is crucial for the holistic development of children. Beyond physical fitness, it instills social skills and a love for the sport, setting the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. As communities prioritize such spaces, they contribute not only to the well-being of individual children but also to the formation of vibrant and connected communities.

mini soccer field construction, mini soccer field installation, portable mini soccer pitch.

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