Hunting Blind: Outlander 5.5×5.5×7.75 Gun Blind



We know blinds. And we’ve got decades of innovation to back it up. Whatever your hunt, there’s a product to keep you concealed. All-weather hunting blinds designed for your comfort. Because from all types of tower blinds, we have a hunting blind for you. So our see-through hunting blinds can help to hide hunters for deer, elk, white-tailed deer, or turkey; pop-up blind is easily built-up and also portable. We carry hunting blinds, deer blind, tower blind, gun blind, gun blinds, hunting blind, camouflage blind, bird blinds, tower blinds, deer blinds, turkey blind, pasture blind, bird blind, archery blind, archery blinds.

A stealthy gun blind can mean the difference between bagging a trophy or missing out on the opportunity. The Stryker Outlander 5.5×5.5×7.75 Gun Blind puts stealth first. Check out these features:

WhisperTrack Windows

  • Smooth, one-handed operation
  • Felt-lined for silence
  • Upgrade to double-pane to minimize frost and fog

Locked-Down Interior

  • Sound: Sound-dampened floors and ceilings
  • Sight: Matte black walls, tinted windows
  • Smell: Sealed edges, no air vents

Stealt-first Design

  • Stealth over comfort: No air vents
  • Stealth over visibility: Smaller windows
  • Stealth over floor space: Octagon design gives you corners to hide in

High-Quality Materials

  • LP Smartside walls
  • Sherwin Williams Deck and Dock coating
  • Steel, powder-coated roof

The Stryker Outlander 5.5×5.5×7.75 Gun Blind is a serious deer blind for serious deer hunters.

In essence, whether for gun hunting, deer hunting, or archery, blinds play a pivotal role in creating a successful and enjoyable hunting experience. Their strategic placement and concealment features contribute to the efficiency, safety, and overall satisfaction of hunters. As they engage with the natural environment and pursue their sport. Check out our hunting blind, deer blind, and gun blind.

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No Base, 4ft base, 8ft base, 12ft base

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Side Entry (OL-NB), Bottom Entry (NB)


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