Indoor Playground Children's Design Center

Indoor Playground Children's Design Center

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      Designed to Attract Families

      CEC, Indoor playground equipment, Iplayco. International Play Company, soft contained play CEC’s is a new soft indoor playground based concept designed to attract families from toddler to age 10 years and offering a variety of play events that will target this age group. These centers target children accompanied by their parents for play time and birthday parties which generate extra revenue. Children's center playgrounds designs are for daycare playgrounds, indoor play, playground equipment, contained play, indoor play equipment, and soft play for family entertainment centers (FEC).

      The CEC needs to be accessible by children of all abilities and we offer ADA designs that meet the requirement for all types of children’s environments and needs.

      Our professional and knowledgeable team will work hand in hand with your team to develop a proposal that meets the needs and budget of your project.