Playground Interactions When Playing Together on Playground Equipment (By A-OK Playgrounds)

Title: Playground Interactions When Playing Together on Playground Equipment

It is wonderful to see playground interactions between children. There is nice social network being made when kids play together in groups. They learn valuable information everyday in an outdoor play equipment or indoor play equipment (contained play) or on commercial playground equipment, backyard swingsets and virtual reality. It comes down to interacting with other children, having independence, learning valuable life lessons, and of course building relationship skills.

This is so valuable. Whether the same kids are playing together or when new children are playing it is a learning experience. Kids connect using leadership, have laughter, learning so many things, all while staying healthy and playing games. So much growth is being accomplished while playing on the playground. We need to rethink about PE and recess and having schools have more play time in groups for an extended period of time.

This way they can learn so many important life skills, along with having so much fun in that environment. Kids seem to work better together while playing. The results speak for themselves. Let's always promote children's play on indoor play structures and indoor play equipment.

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