Playground Installation Options (by A-OK Playgrounds)

Professional Playground Installation

A professional playground installation is one of three options available for playground projects for commercial playground equipment and backyard playground equipment. This is the installation process for all play equipment by a crew of safety certified playground installers. The installation crew would bring all necessary tools and materials and will handle all aspects of your install. All of your new equipment will be installed and assembled by our crew in the most efficient and safest manner. This cost does not include the equipment pricing, nor the freight. Our experienced professional installation team guarantees a hassle-free experience which is well worth the money and headache.

Customer Playground Installation

A customer playground installation is when the customer is responsible for installing and assembling their equipment. This is often the best way to afford more equipment and save money. It is very important to factor in choosing this option as you factor in the availability and experience, and knowledge of volunteers. Keep in mind there are certain tools and equipment that are needed to complete the job efficiently and safely. If this is your option, it is best to have your volunteers all meet in advance to discuss if you have all the options needed and if it is worthwhile.

Supervised Playground Installation

A supervised playground installation can save you a lot of money for your project. This will insure the project is completed efficiently and error-free. This option requires the customer provide all tools and labor for installing the equipment. We would send an installation supervisor, which would enable valuable knowledge for coordinating your volunteers effectively. This option is great for a client with the manpower to install but a lack of knowledge and experience. Supervision by a certified playground installer is a more cost-effective option than full professional installation.

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