Indoor Playground Equipment (by A-OK Playgrounds)

A-OK Playgrounds is one of the top indoor playground equipment suppliers. All our indoor play equipment is manufactured in North America, either in USA or Canada. We offer so many types of indoor play structures. Indoor play structures can be used year-round and doesn't matter on the weather, as outdoor playground equipment does. Even on those very hot or cold days, kids will always be comfortable inside with air conditioning. Indoor equipment will last a very long time, because you are free from damages from outside elements, like dealing with rust. Find commercial play structures which fits your needs. They are plenty of designs which are perfect for accessibility requirements for disabilities or needs for independent play.

Please browse our wonderful collection of commercial indoor playground equipment. We can always design a custom play structure too. An indoor playground can vary in price based on size and selection. Installation for kids' indoor playground equipment could be very easy or perhaps very complex. We offer installation service to save time and get it done quickly at a very competitive cost. We cater to all ages for our indoor playground equipment. The size of our structures can be very small or extremely large structure full of configurations for climbing along with interactive features. 

A-OK Playgrounds can help you with your process of purchasing, whether you are an expert or first time purchaser. We take pride offering you the best quality playground equipment on the market. We also carry a large selections of playhouses, toddler equipment, slides, and so much more. Call our knowledgeable customer service team to help you with suggestions for your play area, so it will be fun and exciting, while making sure it fits in your designated area. We all know costs are very important to every business, so we are always extremely competitive and we provide free quotes for our products. Please let A-OK Playgrounds help you by visiting, by calling 512-826-8800, or emailing

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